Leyonda's Hair Boutique


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is hair that has not been chemically treated in any way. All of our hair is in its natural state when cut and guaranteed to be in correct cuticle alignment. This is important because the tact of the cuticles prevents the hair from shedding, matting and tangling and it also protects the longevity of the hair.

Q: Does "Remy" mean the hair is processed?

No, "Remy" does not mean the hair is processed. "Remy" means that the cuticles are still attached to the hair and are all going in one direction. When the cuticles are going in one direction this helps the hair has less friction, which will help the hair tangle less.

Q: How Long Will The Hair Last?

With the proper care, maintenance, and followed directions, at least a year.

Q: What Color Does Virgin Hair Come In?

 Virgin hair comes in a Natural Black or Brown.

Q: Can The Hair Be Dyed, Bleached, etc.?


Q: How Is The Length Measured?

The Straight Textures are measured true to length. The Curly/Wavy patterns are measured when pulled straight.

Q: Can All Your Hair Be Straightened? Will It Wave Back Up?

Yes, you can straighten all wave/curly patterns. (Note – The hair may lose some of the curl pattern with constant heat.) Yes, wavy/curly will revert back to its curl pattern.

Q: How Long Is Processing and Shipping? Do You Ship Internationally?

Total Processing and Shipping is 7-10 Business days.. We Ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days)**excluding weekends/holidays** Yes, we ship internationally. (If you do not see your country, CONTACT US BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER

Q: Will The Straight Hair Wave Up When Wet?

No, little to no wave will appear once wet. ONLY wavy/curly will revert to its curl pattern.

Q: What is your Exchange/Return Policy?


Return Policy: All sales are final and there are no refunds. Exchanges can be made within 48 hours of final shipment in original packaged condition with sales receipt. Chemical alterations or any modifications made to the product make all guarantees VOID and will NOT be honored.  We cannot accept back any human hair that has been installed or altered (washed, brushed, dyed, combed, etc.) Inspect the hair WITHOUT unwrapping or running fingers through the bundles to make sure the product is to your satisfaction.  If its determined that Leyonda's Hair Boutique is the party at fault, we shall refund or exchange the product at no additional cost to the customer.

Q: How Many Bundles Do I Need For Full Install?

Lengths 12”- 22” 3 Bundles, 24" and Over 4 Bundles **The longer the hair, the shorter the weft** Also, the number of bundles needed also depends on the style and volume you desire.

Q: How Many Ounces Are Each Bundle?

3.0-3.5 oz

Q: What Does Co-Wash Mean?

Co-Wash(ing), known as conditioner washing, is a way to clean the hair without the use of harsh shampoos. Washing your hair with conditioner, or co-washing, is often considered very good for wavy/curly hair. Co-washing consists of washing the hair with a MOISTURIZING conditioner

Q: Will The Hair Shed?

YES, minimally, this was someone’s real hair and it was sewn to a weft. You may find ways to limit shedding; however we do not guarantee no shedding.

Q: What Can I Use To Stop Shedding?

We recommend that you seal your wefts with a sealant to minimize shedding; however it does not guarantee to stop the shedding completely. We recommend using Fray Check, Fray Block, or Aleene’s Stop Fraying

Q: Will My Bundle Of Virgin Hair Have Grays In It?

It is very normal for virgin hair to have gray hairs, especially since our virgin hair is not altered. Virgin hair is straight from a person’s real head so you can expect any natural affects such as gray hairs, some split ends, and different curl patterns in one bundle