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Hair Care

With the proper care and maintenance your virgin hair should last at least a year. If you follow these maintenance basics, along with using our recommended hair care products you can extend the life of your hair and get increased value from longer use.


Upon Receipt of Hair:

ALWAYS inspect the hair before installing the hair. LEAVE THE BUNDLE INTACT. If there are any issues with the hair you should CONTACT US at Next, you want to co-wash the hair. Prior to the installation of your hair extensions, for extra protection of your weft, we recommend you seal your weft! It will minimize shedding and add longevity to your investment.


Caring For Your Hair:

-Keep the hair clean by co-washing once a week/shampoo every 2 weeks with warm or cool water. Do not wash hairs too often this will dry the hair out

-Wash the hair IMMEDIATELY after swimming, spa, excessive exercise, etc. When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair will tangle

-Make sure to detangle the hair daily and always start from the ends and work your way up

-Reduce the amount of stress on the hair and weft by making a couple of big braids when going to sleep, swimming or exercising (detangle hair before making braids)

**NEVER sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed**


When Washing:

-Wash hair while bundled in a hair tie, in ONE direction (from root to ends)

-Make sure hair is completely detangled before washing (we recommend a wig brush OR wide tooth comb)

-Wash with warm to cool water

-Make sure hairs are being washed in ONE direction (from root to ends) and AVOID CIRCULAR MOTIONS! This can lead to tangling

-ALWAYS use a moisturizing NON-SULFATE shampoo and conditioner

-When conditioner is on the hair, leave it on for several minutes, and then comb through the hair starting from the ends and go up. Rinse thoroughly.

-Squeeze out excess water and scrunch hair help define curls

-Blow/towel dry gently or let air dry. DO NOT towel rub to dry

Extra Moisture- Apply Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Treatment to washed hair and place in a Ziploc bag and let it sit overnight and rinse thoroughly.

Optional but HIGLY RECOMMENDED- Seal wefts AFTER the washing/drying process


When Styling:

-Do not overuse products on the hair. Too much leave-in conditioner and other hair care product will create a buildup on the hair and will cause it to tangle.

-Wash hair with a moisturizing non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner, if you experience tangling. Do not continue to add product, as this won’t solve the problem. Be sure to gently brush and detangle hair before washing.

-The great thing about Virgin Hair is that you can style it as you would your own hair. We suggest that you seek a professional colorist that has experience with Virgin hair.

-You can brush, blow dry, curl, and straighten style any way you’d like.

-For Curly hair, be sure to detangle the hair gently always from the bottom to the top daily and apply a leave-in conditioner as well as a curl activator so the hair is soft and moist and does not frizz. **If you do not apply a leave in curl conditioner the hair will start to frizz and become dry.**


Recommended Hair Care Products:

(Can be found at local Walmart, Target, Kmart, Drugstore, Beauty Supply Store, Sallys or Online)

-Heat Protectant Sprays- TRESemme, Silk Elements, One n Only Argan Oil Treatment, Crème of Nature Perfect 7

-Shampoo/Conditioner- Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, Suave Professionals: Humectant, Almond/Shea Butter or Moroccan Infusion, Dove Professionals

** Color Treated Hair- You can use these same brands, but you need Color Treated Products**

-Deep Conditioning- Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Treatment

-Frizziness- John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum, Garnier Fructis Sleek& Shine Serum Spray

-Weft Sealants- Fray Check, Fray Block, Aleene’s Stop Fraying


Daily Maintenance:

-Straight Hair- Wrap hair and tie tightly with satin/silk scarf. Then place satin/silk bonnet on top.

-For Wavy & Curly Hair LIGHTLY mist hair using a spray bottle with leave in conditioner and water for natural look.

-Wetting/Misting the hair every 2-3 days is an alternate for co -washing/shampooing often. It will revive the hair and prevent product build-up. After rinsing apply a small amount of leave in conditioner, frizz control, and/or oil. Hair can also be braided for a neater look.



Product Disclaimer:

TEXTURE DISCLAIMER– Due to the distinct nature of human hair, two heads of hair is never exactly the same. However, all wavy and curly products are processed for texture. This means that we cannot guarantee that all bundles will look the same, but they will not be distinctly different.

COLOR DISCLAIMER– Since our products are not processed or colored, our virgin hair comes only in the natural shades of 1B (Off Black) and 2 (Darkest Brown) . We cannot guarantee that bundles will have the same color being that hair is taken from multiple donors. We recommend consulting a professional stylist should you consider coloring the hair. Our hair is able to withstand coloring